An All White Affair

Just about a month ago I got the amazing opportunity to share a unique experience with my wonderful husband. (Lets start off by saying he is for sure a trooper because sometimes I come up with some crazy ideas) So, this time I decided lets try this event called Diner En Blanc. To the average person Diner En Blanc may not sound like the amazing event that it is.

What is it?

Diner en Blanc is an all white pop up picnic party.  Guests are invited to meet up at locations all over the city and then are whisked away to a secret venue.  Check out this link too to get a more detailed description of this wonderful white party.


Well, in order to be a guest you do have to be invited or you can sign up to be placed on the wait list. Since, this was only the second year for this even in San Diego I did not know anyone who would be able to invite me…..SO, wait list it was. After signing up I received a registration code and was all ready for registration day. That morning I was SO excited and ready to go but of course I had computer issues AAAACCCKKKKK!!! After a few attempts at trouble shooting (and I am no IT expert) I sent an email to the organizer and when I say they replied promptly…THEY REPLIED PROMPTLY!! Within a few minutes one of the organizers named Meredith had me signed up and READY TO GO!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

And the Coolest part…Now Richard and I will automatically be invited to next years event AND we get to invite someone!

Just a few details

Guests of Diner En Blanc are specific guidelines.

  • Attire must be all white
  • You must bring your own; table, chairs, linens, tableware, food, and beverage
  • Be ready to PARTY

I know what some of you might be thinking… If you have to bring all of your own stuff, what is the point? WELL let me tell you it was such a great time! The element of surprise, romance, making new friends, enjoying good food and wine, all under the stars!

The night for sure stated with a bit of organized chaos as you can imagine since nobody (not even the group leaders) knew where our venue was going to be.  Once we got the bus loaded we were off to…. the NTC Promenade in Point Loma! It was a PERFECT San Diego night. I for sure had  GREAT time and it was one of the most fun date nights EVER!!

Check out these pictures and I hope one day you all will try to make it to a Diner En Blanc event!

2013-09-18_1379513804 2013-09-22_1379811845

2013-09-20_1379655089 2013-09-20_1379654900 2013-09-29_13804263241238837_430142080427950_1746907449_n 1375770_431393633636128_390016736_n 1375886_431413530300805_1382988796_n


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